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Did you know that sweat before it hits the skin's surface is actually odor free? So...why the smell?

Bacteria lounges on the skin surface so when the sweat comes through, the combo of lingering moisture and bacteria with a bit of friction… well, you get it.  

This is where Baking Soda makes its entrance. Baking Soda is just one of a party of antibacterial ingredients in Undercarriage natural deodorant. It stops the bacteria from prancing under your arms, bra and belt. Even your socks will thank you! Gentle on the skin, it brings moisture levels down, helps prevent chafing and most importantly, stops odors.

We realize not everyone is molded from the same cookie cutter. Depending on routine variables, diets and/or individual's natural PH levels, baking soda (an alkaline) could cause an irritation. This is why we have the No BS (Baking Soda free) Magnesium formula made especially for those whose PH levels lean on the lower side of the spectrum. Our natural deodorant does contain a lower dose of baking soda, just enough baking soda to prevent and reduce odor. As with any skincare product, please discontinue use if you develop a rash.


If you are switching from an antiperspirant (aluminum or otherwise) to Undercarriage natural deodorant, your body will naturally want to purge the nastiness after a long period of buildup. One could experience more sweat than usual, more odour than usual ("I smell like deli meat"), or maybe even a wee bit of lymph soreness as your body tries to eliminate the chemicals and toxins. Thankfully this adapting or 'detox' period is temporary, but there are ways to help the process along;

1. Eating more fresh foods – Skip the fast, processed, packaged foods. Source out fresh veggies, fruits, proteins and high quality fats. Local sourcing always makes for a better choice. Sorry drive-thru. #sorrynotsorry

2. Drink up – Water is a necessity. It helps your body eliminate toxins and waste materials. Plain water is best in this case. It has less sodium, sugar, fructose, corn syrup, sucralose, sucrose, glucose, saccharin, aspartame, neotame, acesulfame-K, etc etc etc #waterislife

3. Try dry brushing – Gently dry brushing your armpits may help your body move odour-causing toxins and bacteria out more efficiently. Cat combs need not apply. #pitgrooming #febuhairy

4. Exercise – Breaking a sweat can stimulate detoxification and might speed up that adapting process for you. Many options here, thank goodness they’re not all cardio based. #stretchingisexercisetoo

Skin irritation can also be linked to abrasive cleaning. Be sure to use a gentle mild soap or shower gel that won’t strip away at the skin.   

There is the possibility of an allergic reaction in which case the symptoms would be pretty obvious if your body is rejecting certain ingredients. If a raging skin rash breaks out with itchy, burning, flaky or peeling skin, discontinue use immediately. To test if you are allergic to our product, place a small sample in your elbow pit. This area is sensitive so, you'll immediately notice a reaction if you are allergic to certain ingredients.

If the symptoms of skin irritation isn't as pronounced, giving your pits a break from product for a couple weeks might help. Then you can retry our product again.

This information is for for educational purposes. The above information is not medical advice.

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