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Avoid Under Boob Sweat Stains And Stink This Summer

It’s that time of year, again, ladies.

Sunny days, rising temperatures, shorts, sandals, sundresses, … and boob sweat.

Nothing says summer has arrived to a beautiful, buxom babe like a trickle of cleavage sweat and a sticky, sweaty bra.

Heat, sweat, and friction in the crevasses under your breasts, (a.k.a., your “under boob area”) not only make you stink, they make your clothing wet. This area is a breeding ground for itchy rashes and unattractive, red bumps.

Isn’t irritated, tender skin the absolute worst?

Sweaty bras aren’t only uncomfortable, they smell bad. I mean, let’s be honest: If you take off your bra and you get a whiff of ripe cheese, it’s time to take a new course of action.

I’ve heard horror stories of women dousing their breasts with powders, swiping chemical-filled antiperspirant under “their girls”, and strategically pinning pantyliners or tucking tissues inside their bras—all to prevent sweat stains, chafing, and odor.

When you wear your new summer shirt or put on a sleeveless dress for a special occasion, you want to feel fresh, confident and worry-free. You definitely don’t want to be distracted and self-conscious about odor and damp clothing.

I get it. I’ve been there, too. And I have a solution that is 100 percent natural, non-toxic, and gentle on your body’s most sensitive spots: Undercarriage.

Undercarriage is a natural deodorant that kills odor-causing bacteria and repels wetness.

But, I haven’t told you the best part: Undercarriage can even extend the life of your bra by eliminating the need to wash it every time you wear it. Simply take it off and hang it to dry to wear the next day. Less laundering means your bras keep their shapes longer.

We created Undercarriage because we want to use a natural deodorant that’s safe, cruelty-free, and effective. We are committed to using only the purest, safest mixtures because we intend to use the products ourselves and share them with our friends.

Temperatures will soon be at sweltering levels again. Don’t wait until you’re suffering to take action. Be proactive and order a jar of Undercarriage now so you can feel fresh and clean, regardless of the thermostat says.

Or, you can wrestle with a reeky bra and swampy shirts again this summer. It’s up to you.

Kill the bacteria that causes the odor.

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